Meet the team! ✌

Meet the team! ✌

StudEtree was born to solve the oldest student hassle in the history of student hassles, an annoyance that has been plaguing students across the globe for ages: buying and selling used textbooks in a simple and affordable manner.

Since the beginning, it has been a wild run, and nothing has ever come easy. Funding, tech-problems, time constraints and criticism are only few of the things that tried to shut us down, but with energy, determination and passion for what we do, we found the way to rise above them all, and are here now, here to stay.

We are a team of innovators. We are stressed, we are creative, we are crazy, we are dreamers, and we are leaders. We are StudEtree.

We are not afraid of arguing, of putting in the late night, the early morning, the last minute grind.

We believe in accessible and affordable access to study resources, and will not stop until we will have empowered every student with them!

We strive to create connection that will make student life easier, and are committed to create the first student ecosystem around sharing resources.

This is what keeps us hungry, this is what keeps us going.

The future of student life is here, and we are the ones who are creating it.

We are StudEtree.